Unable to use nvprof on Tx1 R24.2.1

Hi Folks,

I am looking to use nvprof for my application. When I try it on one of tegra_multimedia_api/argus/samples/multiSensor example, I do not get any output …

ubuntu@tegra-ubuntu:~/tegra_multimedia_api/argus/build/samples/multiSensor$ nvprof –-output-profile analysis.prof -s --cpu-profiling-mode "top-down" --cpu-profiling-frequency 25 --cpu-profiling on argus_multisensor 
======== Error: application not found.
ubuntu@tegra-ubuntu:~/tegra_multimedia_api/argus/build/samples/multiSensor$ nvprof –-output-profile analysis.prof -s --cpu-profiling-mode=top-down --cpu-profiling-frequency=25 --cpu-profiling=on argus_multisensor 
======== Error: application not found.

argus_multisensor exe is present in the folder.

simple command like -

nvprof argus_multisensor

works - but does not generate any CPU thread info. My intent is to see CPU load thread by thread. However adding any option like -

nvprof --cpu-profiling on  argus_multisensor

Does not seem to generate any file that can be viewed in profiler …

Please help.

Hi Folks,

When I try running the following command on TX1 (R 24.2.1), I seem to get a warning message stating that “CPU Profiling is not supported on the underlying platform”.

nvprof --cpu-profiling on  argus_multisensor

Is there any other way of profiling CPU on TX1 (R 24.2.1) ? If yes, please let me know.


We will check and update.

Hi dumbogeorge,

The nvprof mainly profiling GPU.
If you want to profiling CPU, we suggest you using Tegra System Profiler.
TSP is run on your host, you can download from JetPack.