Unable to use TGD on Project Tango tablet


I’m attempting to capture a frame using the NVIDIA Tegra Graphics Debugger (version 2.1 built 2015-10-29) on a non-rooted Project Tango tablet (Tegra K1). I linked my project with Nvidia_gfx_debugger_stub and have libNvidia_gfx_debugger.so and libNvPmApi.Core.so from the android-kk-t124-a32 directory in my games lib\armeabi-v7a directory. I double checked and the libraries are also in the .APK. The tablet is running Android 4.4.2.

I’m able to Connect to the Tango tablet and attach to my game, but the only button that isn’t disabled is the Disconnect button. The only thing in the Output Messages is “1 Target AGORA_BATTLE_PRODUCT_NAME Graphics interception initialized”. I do see graphics and my game runs fine, I just can’t capture a frame or basically do anything.

I also rooted the device and can use su, but I’m unable to get adb to perform “root” or “remount” and can’t seem to edit default.prop to enable adb to be able to use root/remount.

I see this in the logs:

11-12 11:32:17.266: I/NGD(16942): [lib___.so] Detected parent process: ___.___
11-12 11:32:17.272: I/NGD(16942):  -- Attempting to load the Tegra Graphics Debugger from the application's lib folder: /data/app-lib/com.___.___-1/libNvidia_gfx_debugger.so
11-12 11:32:17.910: I/NGD(16942): [lib___.so] Initializing dispatch tables for process: `?`K
11-12 11:32:17.911: I/NGD(16942): [lib___.so] Initializing process for Tegra Graphics Debugger: `?`K
11-12 11:32:17.911: I/NGD(16942):  -- Checking for global interposer...
11-12 11:32:17.911: I/NGD(16942):  -- Checking for statically linked debugger...
11-12 11:32:17.918: I/NGD(16942):  -- Attempting to load the Tegra Graphics Debugger from the application's lib folder: /data/app-lib/com.___.___-1/libNvidia_gfx_debugger.so
11-12 11:32:17.918: I/NGD(16942):  -- Statically linked debugger detected
11-12 11:32:17.918: I/NGD(16942): Starting GTI initialization...
11-12 11:32:17.938: I/NGD(16942): Graphics interception initialized
11-12 11:32:17.938: I/NGD(16942):  -- Dispatching GL to Tegra Graphics Debugger: EGL=0x4adcb054 OpenGL=0x4adc057c OpenGLExt=0x4adc2454

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

are you using delimiter from java code?

Um, I don’t understand the question. This is a native game, there’s very little Java involved. What do you mean by


can you share your application binary?

Yes, where can I privately upload the .APK of the game built with the nVidia libraries for GPU capture?

that’s great helpful, please send to devtools-support devtools-support@nvidia.com, or share by cloud, thanks.