Unable to use the offset brush in the Paint Extension

I am trying to use the offset brush in the paint extension to move the vertices of a mesh by mouse gestures. I could use some of the other brushes like leaves and grass, but not brushes such as offset, or nudge. As for the workflow, I dropped the mesh of a sphere, activated the paint extension, chose the offset brush from paint library, activated the brush, and tried modifying the mesh through mouse gestures, but no success. Appreciate your help.

Hello @gupta.ag.ashish! What version of Create are you using?

Till yesterday, I was using 1.4, and today I got 1.5 but the issue is still there.

Hey @gupta.ag.ashish ! Thanks for using our paint brushes. The brushes in the “Scripting” category in the paint brush tool, like offset, nudge, etc. do not directly manipulate vertices. These brushes manipulate whole prims by modifying their transforms. They are not paint brushes in the same way that you’d use paint brushes to sculpt a mesh.

Offset can be used to offset prims by an exact amount, and nudge can be used to softly nudge prims around in a less accurate manner.

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