Unable to use USB hub (mouse and keyboard) after flashing TX2

Dear Community,

I recently flashed my NVIDIA TX2 board using the latest version of SDK manager and with Jetpack 4.4.1. Ubuntu 18.04 is used in host and flash was successful. However, when TX2 power up for setup, I have noticed that I cant use USB devices (mouse and keyboards).

I have also tried with Jetpack 4.4 but having the same issue.

Is anyone else facing similar issue? Looking for help as soon as possible.

Would you be able to obtain a serial console boot log? This would probably help. Also, is this the dev kit carrier board, or is it a third party carrier board? Firmware related to this would probably differ in a third party carrier board.

Thank you @linuxdev for your quick response.
I have attached console log as txt file. Let me know if you have trouble in downloading it. Since I’m beginner I’m not sure how to check if its kit carrier board or third party carrier board. Its written Connect Tech Inc. on board pcb.

Note: I have also flashed R32.0 image using command line flash.sh, but having the similar problem.

FlashLog.txt (31.9 KB)

The flash log shows success, and nothing was wrong with the process. Would you have a serial console boot log to show logging during startup? For information on serial console, see:

However, before you bother with the log, you’ll want to confirm that you are using the correct Connect Tech software. What follows is an explanation of how CTI software would differ from the default L4T flash (the content flashed, not the software performing the flash).

Flash software for performing a flash will not care which carrier board is used during the flash, but upon reboot incorrect firmware will cause partial or complete boot failure. Flashing is much simpler (from the flash software viewpoint) than is booting normally.

Realize that third party carrier boards require firmware specific to the carrier board. Much of a computer is not “plug-n-play”, e.g., there are clocks and power rails and optional routing of various components which may differ across different carrier boards, and these cannot self-report the way a PCIe card or USB end device can. The result is that a device tree is used to tell the operating system where (e.g., base address) to find components and which driver to assign. These differ such that any component which is not routed exactly the same way as the dev kit carrier board has to have modified firmware, and only Connect Tech would have that information.

When manufacturers such as CTI provide content to use for flash this is mostly the same as the default NVIDIA dev kit flash software, but would contain an altered device tree.

Unfortunately I’m using only module and not whole development kit. Therefore I can’t get full log but I have attached an image with important log message.

Ok I see the difference. So far I was assuming that what i’m using is dev kit carrier board. Thank you for pointing it out and explaining how the firmware might be different. I will update soon after following solution from Connect Tech Inc.

So finally I am able to flash the TX2 correctly after following instructions from https://connecttech.com/

It still follows the similar steps to flash the board with only difference in using their board support package.