Unable to visit this forum from tx2

This is really strange, I’m afraid if I made some stupid mistakes. I can’t visit this forum from TX2!

So weird. I tried to visit the forum pages from both firefox and chromium, but all the links to https://devtalk.nvidia.com show a blank page (as if page hung). I can visit the site from my laptop which is under the same Wifi network. That’s how I’m writing this note. So, it means the local network is up and this board is up.

Any idea?

Try clearing cache from the failing browsers. There is also of course the possibility that a port is being blocked (or not forwarded).

In most browsers there is a way to “show source”. If you do this and there is no source, then there was no content received at all. If there is some source but it is truncated, then this is a different clue…see if there is a closing “” tag in the source.

If you find a page which is representative where it works from another computer, but does not require a login, copy that URL…then see if “wget” of that URL shows any debug information from the Jetson command line (you might need to install wget).

Thanks linuxdev, it’s working now.
I didn’t do anything on TX2. it just worked today magically. The issue was not related to port because I was able to access other nvidia.com pages. Thanks for the suggestion of show source, thought about giving it a try today. Well, not needed for now. :)