Unabled to connect OpenGL application

I am unable to connect or attach my OpenGL application to Nsight Graphics on Linux. The glxgears demo works fine.
With my application I get the error message in the terminal :

error   : Can't find default __cxa_throw implementation !

And the messages in Nsight Graphics :

When automatically connecting :

Launching: /path/to/myApp
Trying to connect to process with pid: 10683...
Trying to connect to process on host: localhost...
Failed to connect (host: localhost, pid: 10683). The target may already have exited.

When not automatically connecting:

Launching: /path/to/myApp
Process successfully launched.
Launch succeeded.
Process terminated.

My system :
OS: Linux Debian 10.1
Quadro K2200
NVIDIA Driver Version: 430.50
NVIDIA Driver Version: 418.74 (same result with both drivers)

Application: NVIDIA Nsight Graphics
Version: 2019.5.1.0 (Build 27346247) (public-release)

Do you have any idea ?


Thanks for your feedback on Nsight Graphics. Our engineering team has not seen this error, but thinks it could be an injection issue. Is it possible for our engineering team to get your application or some demo that we can use to reproduce your issue? Just let us know if that is possible so we can continue to help with the debugging of your issue.