unattended install

Is there any way to do unattended install for PGI 18.10 on Windows, from command line, without user interaction?

Thanks a lot!

Hi cenit,

Yes, but you’ll need to create a response file first and make sure that the prerequisite MS Visual Studio SDK is installed first (see: Windows Co-install Requirements | PGI).

To create a response file, open a DOS cmd prompt window as administrator then run:

pgiws64-1810.exe /r /f1"C:\\path\to\response\file\install.iss"

This will open a regular install with you needing to respond to the prompts with your responses stored in the “iss” file.

You can then use the “iss” file on other systems to perform an unattended install. Again, it’s advised to run as administrator else Window will prompt you with a dialog box asking if you really want to allow the changes to your system.

To run in unattended mode, use the “/s” flag and the “/f1” flag with the full path to the response file.

pgiws64-1810.exe /s /f1"C:\\path\to\response\file\install.iss"

More information on these InstallShield options can be found at: InstallShield - Silent Install Builder

Hope this helps,