Unbound memory growth while recording videos (e.g. sample_camera_gmsl)

Hi everyone,

I am experiencing a seemingly unbound growth of memory consumption using dwSensorSerializer_serializeImageAsync to record videos in MP4 or H265 format on a DRIVE AGX. I can reproduce the behavior using the sample_camera_gmsl binary that ships with the DRIVE AGX. For example, this would be the output of tegrastats after starting the program

RAM 4246/27924MB (lfb 5663x4MB) CPU [20%,17%,8%,8%,11%,6%] GR3D_FREQ 28% AUX@38C CPU@40C Tdiode@38.25C AO@39.5C GPU@39C tj@48.5C

and this after a few hours of recording

RAM 5957/27924MB (lfb 166x4MB) CPU [15%,12%,9%,9%,7%,5%] GR3D_FREQ 52% AUX@40C CPU@42.5C Tdiode@40C AO@41C GPU@41C tj@50.5C

It doesn’t look to me like the increase of allocated memory slows down or stalls over time. While debugging this behavior I have changed the file-buffer-size that is passed to dwSensorSerializer_intialize and it looks to me like the memory consumption increases every time data is written to the file. This means, with a very large file-buffer-size the increase in memory consumption happens at a much lower rate but it continues to occur (and it does occur when the file size increases). Given that I can reproduce this behavior with an official sample application, I would think a misuse of of the Driveworks API is unlikely.

I haven’t been able to understand the root cause of this behavior and would like to know (1) if anyone else has experienced this, (2) if there is a way to prevent increasing memory allocation over time.


Hardware Platform: [Example: DRIVE AGX Xavier™ Developer Kit]
Software Version: [DRIVE Software 10]
Host Machine Version: [native Ubuntu 18.04]
SDK Manager Version: []

Hi @nwo,

Please provide your sample_camera_gmsl command line for my reproducing here. Thanks!

Hi @VickNV,

Thank you for your help. I am using the following command in my experiments:

./sample_camera_gmsl --offscreen=1 --serializer-bitrate=20000000 --write-file=/tmp/video.h265

For me, memory consumption remains approximately constant without the --write-file argument. Also, varying the framerate using --serializer-framerate has an effect on how fast memory consumption grows.


We can observe the memory increase issue of running with writing file.
If we have any progress, we will update you here. Thanks!

Thank your for the status update. Looking forward to your findings!

Hi @VickNV,

I imagine the investigation is still ongoing, or do you have any new findings on this problem?


We have an internal bug to track this and will keep you posted with any new progress here. Thanks!

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Hi @nwo,

This is not a memory leakage issue. The increasing memory usage is due to cache. After stopping the process, you can get all the memory back by below command lines:

sudo sh -c ‘sync’
sudo sh -c ‘echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches’