Unbricking a Tegra Note?

Is there any resources on how to unbrick a Tegra Note 7?

I purchased a Chinese released tablet (Homecare Flyone) and started experimenting to get Google play going and other apps, and ending up with the device in an endless loading cycle. It happened when I factory reset so it should be cleared out.

Before the tablet failed to load, it had developer mode enabled, and root mode in the bootloader, if this helps. I placed google apps directly into the /system/app directory using a root explorer and with the correct permissions. The apks were from a Nexus 7 raw image of Jellybean 4.2.2.

I’m unaware of the button sequence to get into fastboot mode, or if there are downloadable images to reflash. Do I need to hardware hack this device. Please don’t tell me I need a uart usb setup. Hope it’s as simple as putting an image on a sd micro card and booting with buttons pressed.

It’s been a real disappointment buying this tablet as one I accidentally got the no GPS model, and the USB plug was manufactured poorly with the cable having trouble fitting in. I probably should have purchased a Nexus 7 2013 or a Samsung Note 3, but was tempted to get DirectStylus ability. I couldn’t install any software without resorting to Chinese versions.

I haven’t had much time to experiment but it seems if you start the tablet with a micro sd in the slot and also holding down the power-button and the two volume-buttons all pressed in, then release the start-button when you see the ‘Tegra Note’ text, the tablet will go into a black screen mode. This maybe a sd based recovery mode.

To get out of this mode, you need to hold down the power-button for 10 seconds for a cold boot.

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Send it to APX mode and use nVFlash to send a stock image that way.

Factory image for 4.3 http://www.adventcomputers.co.uk/download-select/nojs/3255
Guide: http://www.adventcomputers.co.uk/download-select/nojs/3260

I my stress that this will redo all of the tablet you will loose everything as this repartitions the required partitions and then formats them. This will also mean unless you modify the Bootscreen file it will show up as Advent rather then your original one.

tnx hacktrix2006 my tn7 is unbricked now

Please note this may not always work. When I bought the Advent version of the tegra note, when the first OTA update notification came along, I installed it but then my tablet bricked (from an OTA… well done nvidia :P) tried the advent APX restore as the first thing I did, did not help (made it worse in fact) Now i’m stuck, been about 10 months since it bricked, STILL trying to fix it. This tablet has quite a low quality of build if this is what happens. My tablet lasted 1 month before breaking.