undefined reference mp_setaffinity


I try to compile and link a sample OpenMP Program with pgf77 v7.2-3.
The link display the following message:

pgf77 -mp test_omp.f -o test_omp.exe

/usr/local/pgi/v7.2/linux86-64/7.2-3/lib/libpgmp.a(setaff.o): dans la fonction « _mp_setaff »:
setaff.c:(.text+0x59): référence indéfinie vers « mp_setaffinity ».

Specifying the library libpgbind.a in the command line or using pgf90 does not change anything.

My OS is Debian Etch 64 bits.

Any idea ?

Hi mflores,

Odd. This symbol is found in libpgbind.a which should be linked by default when “-mp” is used. Please link with the “-v” flag and post the link command (ld). Also, what is the output of the command ‘nm /usr/local/pgi/v7.2/linux86-64/7.2-3/lib/libpgbind.a | grep mp_seta’?