Undefined reference to cusparse on cuda11

Hey all,
I am compiling a code and I am constantly getting errors below:
undefined reference to cusparseCreateSolveAnalysisInfo' undefined reference to cusparseDcsr2csc’
undefined reference to `cusparsedcsrmv_sethpm_’
BTW:Currently Loaded Modules:
pgi/nvhpc/20.11 cuda/11.1.1
There is no error when cuda/9.2 is loaded. why newer version don’t support previous?

It looks like “cusparseCreateSolveAnalysisInfo” was deprecated in CUDA 10.1 and has since been removed from the cuSparse library. See section 6.4 page 28: https://docs.nvidia.com/cuda/archive/10.1/pdf/CUSPARSE_Library.pdf

Same for cusparseDcsr2csc (Sec. 13.11 page 261) and cusparsedcsrmv (section 8.4 page 70)