undefined reference to 'getcl_'

Hi everybody,
I’m have some problems compiling some programs in Fortran on my Mandriva 2006 Linux.
I’ve got this errors:

/root/tmp/pgf90EYncAOfHzeWP.o: In function comline_': calmet.for:(.text+0x890b): undefined reference to getcl_’

How can i solve it??
Thank you very much.

Hi Jackpot,

“GETCL” is a non-standard function to get the command line arguments which, as far as I can tell, is only supported by the Lahey compiler. Instead, you need ot use the “IARGC” and “GETARG” functions. (See page 263 of the PGI Fortran Manual for more information.). While these functions are also non-standard, they are more widely supported.

Hope this helped,

A bit more on this … in the code there are some hints on what lines to comment out or uncomment for compiler specific functions in “calutils.for” … search for Lahey or Sun and eventually you’ll get to the point where there are comments about the compilers

El Gus