undefined reference to `.LB1_563'

Dear PGI User Forum members,

I am compiling and linking an external program with the pgf90 fortran compiler and succeeded to get a working executable without optimization. As the code will be run extensively in the following years, I have tried to optimize the code as recommended with the -fastsse fortran optimization flag. I have AMD Dual Core Opteron processors with revision E6. These processors should have SSE and SSE2. Compiling and linking with the -fastsse flag resulted in an error:
lcs.a(xyi.o): In function xyi_':xyi.F:(.text+0xab7): undefined reference to .LB1_563
The name .LB1_563 is most probably a compiler internal reference, and is not mentioned in this function nor in the included files. Looking at the symbol tables in the archive files lcs.a for object code xyi.o with and without optimization (command nm -s -a lcs.a) shows as only difference the undefined reference .LB1_563

My question is what I should change to let the program run at it’s highest speed?

Thanking in advance for your help or suggestions.
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Hi Jan,

“.LB” references are indeed compiler generated labels, so I would consider this a compiler error. Depending upon which version of the compiler you’re using, there is a good chance that this problem has already be found and possibly fixed. If you can, please send a report to PGI Customer Service at trs@pgroup.com and include a sample code which reproduces the problem as well as information about the PGI compiler version and the OS you’re using.


Dear Mat,

Thank you for your comments. I will send a report to the PGI Customer Service.

With friendly greetings