undefined references under CentOS, PhysX 3.3

I am using PhysX3.3 Core API under CentOS.
The compilation is fine. But there are many errors when linking.

/home/wuxiao/Code/PhysX/Lib/linux64/libPhysX3.a(ScbScene.cpp.o): In function physx::Scb::Scene::switchRigidToNoSim(physx::Scb::RigidObject&, bool)': (.text+0x1ea5): undefined reference to physx::Sc::Scene::removeBody(physx::Sc::BodyCore&, physx::shdfnd::InlineArray<physx::Sc::ShapeCore const*, 64u, physx::shdfnd::ReflectionAllocator<physx::Sc::ShapeCore const*> >&, bool)’

I have added all the .a, still no luck.
Anyone can help me?