undefined symbol: __pgi_trace ?

Hi everibody,
I am trying to execute the basic NCARG example “ncargex cpex08” fellowing the ncargraphic installation (which seems ok)

I obtain :
“symbol lookup error: /opt/pgi/linux86/6.2/liblf/libpgc.so: undefined symbol: __pgi_trace”

Can anybody help ???

Bests regards,

Hi Florence,

Do you know which version of the compiler was used to build your ncargex? The most likely cause of this error is that your exe was built with an earlier version of the PGI compilers. In this case, please set your LD_LIBRARY_PATH to the directory containing the runtime libraries for this version. If you do not have these runtime libraries available, you can obtain them by downloading the appropriate 32-bit protability package from the PGI Download Archive page.

Hope this helps,


I have first installed the v6.2 compiler then ncargraphics.

“echo $LD_LIBRARY_PATH” returns :

by “runtime librairies” do you mean another lib ?



Hi Florence,

Which version of the PGI compilers were the ncargraphics compiled with?

You need to either recompile the ncargraphics programs using the 6.2 compilers you have installed, or set you LD_LIBRARY_PATH to location of the runtime libraries for the version of the compiler that built the ncargraphic programs. For example, if the ncargraphincs programs were built with the 6.1 compilers, you would replace the “6.2” in your LD_LIBRARY_PATH with “6.1”.

If you do not have the correct runtime libraries available on your system, you can download the corresponding portability package, which contains the needed runtime libraries, from download’s archive page (See the link in my previous post), and then set your LD_LIBRARY_PATH to the location where you’ve installed the libraries.

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