Under Fedora F35 the wayland nvidia-driver (495) causes does not support DP1.4 or MST

Dear friends,

i own a Thinkbook P16 with a Ryzen9/onboard-GPU and a additional Geoforce RTX 3060 chips, that is responsible for the USB-DP connector.
In order to use my MST dockingstation (supports Alt-DP 1.4) (it runs perfectly under Windows, supporting 3 4K displays with 30/60/30Hz) i wanted to give Fedora F35 a try. The nouveau driver fails, but the nvidia-X11 server is able to feed two displays at the same time (not 3 like in W10).

Anyway i do miss support for Wayland, it seems that the most recent 495 version is able to work with MST using the X11 server, but switching to Wayland gives no signal to the external monitors.

Is ther somebody out there with a bit of experice in this domain?

Thank you