Underclock and Undervolt (?) NVIDIA Cards in NVIDIA settings

Hi there

I am using NVIDIA cards in my linux systems since many years. In Windows Systems there is this “NVIDIA Inspector”. With this tool you can undervolt (?) and underclock NVIDA cards. This is a very nice feature cuz often enough I do not need the full power of my 2 x 1070 in my PC. It would be great if I then was able to reduce power consumption drastically. In windows you can switch to 80% power (Power Target). This would reduce the power consumption to 50-70 Watts per card.

Are there any plans to implement things like this in a linux? (Maybe in Nvidia settings?)



Use the Coolbits option to get clock offset setting in nvidia-settings
Use nvidia-smi -pl to set a power limit on supported gpus. Use nvidia-smi -h for help.

Thanks! A GUI would be nicer but I think I can live with that.