Understand SOM number , SOM model , carrier board and ref board

I wanted to verify the distinguish between the following model numbers:

  1. P3668-0000/P3668-0001/P3668-0002 → they all represent a Jetson Xavier NX SOM
  2. P3509-0000 → represents a carrier board (for example the one that comes with the NX devkit)
  3. T194 → ?
    I read it is a model number of a xavier nx. what is the relation between T194 and P3668-0000?
    T194 = Xavier NX in general and P3668-0000 = specific Xavier NX?
  4. target_board = “t186ref” → ?
    I saw this in the p3668.conf.common
    from my understanding the t186 is older than the T194 so why they use it?

what is jakku in the t19x platform? is it a name of a specific xavier nx SOM? and where I choose which .dts files to compile? (the ones from jakku from mccoy or others?)
I know that we write the final dtb file in the board.conf but I don’t know at which stage exactly the dtb is built and where I specify the specific .dts files that I want to use)


Please check the Jetson Modules and Configurations
with Respective Jetson Developer Kit Carrier Board table at NVIDIA Jetson Linux Developer Guide : Quick Start | NVIDIA Docs

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