Understand the `average_precision` in detectnet_v2 retraining

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x64, Ubuntu, RTX3090
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I’m retraining based on detectnet_v2, my proprietary dataset contains only 1000 images which annotated with 3 classes of objects.
I noticed the average_precision can reach over 80%, even 90% for each class during the training.
I viewed some industry object detection performance/accuracy chart from web, seems they’re far below to this value (no matter which precision calculation algorithm).



I looked the configuring-the-evaluator , so I believe the default using:

the ap calculation mode as used in the 2011 challenge

could you explain for the such a high precision, does is caused by small dataset?

Please note that different public dataset has different SOTA.
And also your dataset may have a different mAP result from other dataset.

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