Understanding Path Tracing Render Settings

Hi, I’ve been playing around with the Path Tracing Rendering Settings, but I’m having a lot of trouble understanding how this is works. I seem to be getting a lot of Noise (water brush effects) from my finished rendering. So I’ve increased the Total Samples per pixel from 128 to like 500 to 1000 which takes way too long to render a frame.
Also I have noticed that there is a lot of noise in the frame when turning off the Denoiser.

So, what I want to know is there a format or calculation to improve the image quality so that you can avoid the water brush noise effect?

This is a 3d render I’ve been working on just understanding the rendering format.

Also, here is my settings so you know.

Here is also a frame without the denoiser on. Just to give you an idea.

Oh, and I have a RTX 3090.

Thanks Winton

Not straight to the water brush effect, but about path traced render settings anyway: Search for best cc4 path traced render settings

Hello Wintoons,

It does seem that you need to increase the total samples per pixel for that scene, based on the screenshot above. For 128 spp, the results in the image are expected.

The painterly effect caused by the denoiser correlates to how much noise there is in the rendered frame; the less noisy it is, the less “painterly” the denoiser will make the image look as it has less noise to remove. You can always tweak the Denoiser Blend Factor to see how it looks with or without it without triggering a reset of the frame as you test it.

You could lower Max Specular and Transmission Bounces; high values can slow down convergence, it is best to lower it down to the minimal value until you start seeing issues like excessively dark glass.

A Dome Light lighting an enclosed environment, like the room above, also can take longer to converge, but in your case you seem to have enough direct lighting to minimize this issue.

If you are making a capture with Movie Capture, make sure to set the desired number of Path Trace Samples per Pixel. By default the value is 1, which can make for a very noisy image.