Understanding the CuFileRDMAInfo data structure in libcufile API

We are trying to integrate libcufile API to USERSPACE_FS with local storage (FS over nvme drive) over RDMA. The custom functions registered with cufile_descr.fs_ops are getting called. However the data structure cufileRDMAInfo_t is not having enough details to understand the RDMA details as part of desc_str.
With gdb, the following details are shown

p *rdmainfo
$4 = {version = 2, desc_len = 82, desc_str = 0xc1b220 “00007fffc3200000:00010000:00004d16:0000:00133f:1:”, ‘0’ <repeats 20 times>, “ffffcc0000e1”}

Can you please give us some pointers to interpret this data structure?
Where are the rkeys stored in the above structure?