Undistortion of video frame in DriveNet

After doing a camera calibration process in Driveworks 1.2 following the step by step tutorial my rig.json has some distortion coeffiecients for each camera.

My question is, DriveNet detections of objects are made in the original video frame captured by the cameras or this video frame is undistorted somehow?

I’m asking this because I’m trying to reproject the detected 2d bounding boxes in a 3d enviroment assuming this objects are in the ground plane but I don’t know if this distortion can cause error in the measurement of the reprojection.

Kind regards.

Dear mgarcia333,
Are you asking, how we prepared the rccb.raw(default video file) in drivenet sample?


When I calibrate the cameras I get some distortion coefficients meaning that the cameras have some distortion.

When I use the DNN to work with my setup of cameras and record live video, this videos are undistorted or not?

If they are distorted, is there a way to use those distortion coefficients to correct the distortion of the camera?

Dear mararcia333,
Every camera has lens distortions associated to them. To remove distortions, you can check using dwRectifier to rectify the video. Please take a look at sample_video_rectifier in DW samples.

The Drivenet sample videos are rectified.