undocumented PGI runtime functions acc_get_device_name


in the header file accel.h (PGI 17.7) I came across the following two functions:

/* device name as a string */
extern void acc_get_device_name(char *, int, int);
extern void acc_get_current_device_name(char *, int);

I browsed through the official PGI documentation, but those functions were not mentioned along with the other PGI runtime functions listed in a table.

The function name indicates that a device name is returned, but I wonder whether you could shed some light into the difference between the two functions and the meaning of the second and third argument (the first one obviously corresponds to the device name).


Hi LS,

These are PGI extensions which as the name implies, returns the name of the device. With “acc_get_device_name”, you pass in the character array to hold the name, the length of the character array, and the device number. “acc_get_current_device_name” is the same except it returns the name of the current device, and you don’t pass in the device number.