Unexpected character in output file on AMD64 cluster


I am using PGI server(6.0.5) on fedora core4 (64bit).
The cluster use AMD Athlon64 processor.
When I try to run my own application, some weird things happened randomly.
The application is written with fortran 77 format.
Compile with pgf77 -Mextend -O2 -Mlfs -tp k8-32 option (pgi 64 version)and gave no error.
Also executed without any trouble.
But the output file contain some unexpected character in floating number.
0.883 0.78q 0.389" 0.243
I use the format 11(f5.3,2x) to formatted output file.

this weird thing is not happened all the time.
Sometimes it works perfectly, sometimes doesn’t!

Any bugs with current PGI64 version?
Or OS issue?
I have patched the OS to newest updates.

Hi Danish,

As with most software, there are bugs with the 6.0 release. While this could be a new bug, non-deterministic behavior like this is most likely caused by either an UMR (uninitialized memory read), array bounds problem, or some other memory issue. Try compiling the program with the addition of “-Mbounds -Mchkfpstk” to see if these diagnositic flags turn up anything. Also valgrind is a useful tool to find memory issues.

If these don’t help, is it possible to get a copy of the program so we can try and determine where the error occurs? If so, please contact trs@prgoup.com so we can coordinate how to get the program.