Unexpected dependency between wayland and nvidia-l4t-gstreamer

R32.3.1 Jetpack 4.3

I created a custom rootfs and used apply_binaries.sh.

The final rootfs is rather large (1.7 Gbyte) and contains a great deal of software that will be unused for my product.
The additional software is a concern since it increases the probability that a CVE will be found that impacts the installed software. It does not matter that the software is not running, only that it is present on the machine.

The product has no UI and only requires gstreamer and the low level nvidia extensions (e.g. nvoverlaysink)

I attempted to remove libwayland-server0 but that would also remove all the nvidia specific packages: nvidia-l4t-gstreamer, nvidia-l4t-init, etc.

Headerless TX2 products are presumably quite common and the inability to remove the completely unnecessary software is unfortunate.

The steps of enabling Wayland is described in development guide.

By default the window system is X11 and there are steps of disabling it first and then initializing Weston. PLease refer ot it and see if you can trim certain packages in rootfs.

I do not need a windowing system since there is no user interface.
i.e. neither X11 or Weston are required, or desired.

My goal was to eliminate those dependencies from the custom rootfs