Unexpected Floating Behavior on GPIO Pins

I am having some confusing floating behavior on some of the pins on my jetson nano dev kit when trying to use pulldown resistors. Basically, with my circuit configured in case A, the pin inputs desirably are pulled low, but in case B, the pins float randomly between high and low. The answer might be some basic EE, but why is the behavior differing here? I would expect in both cases for the gpio pins to be pulled low.

According to this post, these both have pull-down resistors by default, so that can’t be what is causing the problem. This information about default pin configuration was remarkably hard to find.

Hi, that’s two kinds of pull-down design. In addition, you can check the AppNote of 40-pin header pins usage, there are some requests for the pins as they pass through a level shift. https://developer.nvidia.com/jetson-nano-developer-kit-40-pin-expansion-header-gpio-usage-considerations-applications-note

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