Unexpected initial pose loaded in python standalone code

Hello! I’ve had some time to work on your asset - here’s the breakdown of what I had to do to get it working:

  1. Open tenis_robot_edit.usd
    a. Remove Articulation Root from /World/tennis_robot
    b. Add Articulation Root to /World/tennis_robot/chair_base
  2. in your script, change the articulationView path to the chair_base: prim_paths_expr='/World/Robot/tennis_robot/tennis_robot/chair_base'

The reason for that is a known issue where the Articticulation Root gets automatically picked from the robot hierarchy when the Root is applied to the top level. If we manually pick the root to the desired robot link, it will use that as a base. In your asset’s case, it was picking link2, which contains a transform to the root already, so when you reset that transform to zero, it causes the entire robot to flip. That’s what was causing your robot to import rotated. Changing the base to chair_base resolves that issue, since it doesn’t contain a transform offset from the origin.

We are working to resolve that issue in the articulation Root so we can make it more robust.