Unexpected redirection to forum hompage

I am using Firefox on MacOS 10.14.3, however I believe this is OS and browser agnostic. During forum browsing, I link on a link to another thread inside the forum. The thread is shown briefly and I get redirected to forum homepage. If I copy and paste the link onto the address bar, redirection doesn’t happen. I experience this for several weeks now and it is quite inconvenient.

Hi vle,

Thanks for reaching out. I hear your frustration, this is a known issue and will be addressed in the next platform update.


Thanks for being a member of the Nvidia Developer Community.


I can confirm it is also the case under Firefox on Linux and Google Chrome on Windows. And I can also confirm that it’s quite annoying (:

Yes, this issue happens on all OS and browser versions. I totally agree, it is very annoying.
This will be addressed in Q1 2020.


Great, I too am desperate for this. It is really annoying!!!