Unhandled Exception...when running Setup.bat for UE 5.1 Caustics branch

Checking dependencies…
Updating dependencies: 0% (0/97587)…
Unhandled exception. System.PlatformNotSupportedException: Thread abort is not supported on this platform.
at System.Threading.Thread.Abort()
at GitDependencies.Program.DownloadDependencies(String RootPath, IEnumerable1 RequiredFiles, IEnumerable1 Blobs, IEnumerable1 Packs, Int32 NumThreads, Int32 MaxRetries, Uri Proxy, String CachePath) at GitDependencies.Program.UpdateWorkingTree(Boolean bDryRun, String RootPath, HashSet1 ExcludeFolders, Int32 NumThreads, Int32 MaxRetries, Uri Proxy, OverwriteMode Overwrite, String CachePath, Single CacheSizeMultiplier, Int32 CacheDays)
at GitDependencies.Program.Main(String Args)
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This issue I believe is solved by copy-replacing the Commit.gitdeps.xml in Engine/Build with the same file froim the Epic Games 5.1 source.

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Or more accurately from the main NvRTX branch.