Unidirectional workflows

Hi there, I’m very excited by the potential of the omniverse but I’m a bit confused as to what the expected workflow is for applications that only have unidirectional connectors.

I guess my first question is: are unidirectional connectors only a stopgap and the plan is for all apps to have bidirectional ones? And if not…

What is the prescribed workflow in these instances? For example if I created a concept building in sketchup, is there any way for that to make its way into Revit? And then for the facility designed in Revit to then be brought into say blender or rhino for the creation and placement of custom fixtures and furniture?

Or is more the case that only individual components of a design could be made in each app, and omniverse really just functions as a renderer that can combine them, but have no ability for one app to talk directly to the other?

Many of the workflow diagrams in your literature show bi-directional arrows between these programs so I’m genuinely confused as to what exactly the capabilities are, what they will be, and how the system is designed to operate.

Any insight you can give I’d greatly appreciate.

hopefully i can clear a little of this up.

with regards to bidirectionality, it depends on the connector and the application currently. The plan is to increase bidirectionality between all aps at some point but for now you have the following

Max, Maya, Unreal, UE4, Blender are all bidirectional. you can adjust something in one app, it will push to Omniverse (OV) (nucleus server) and see the change in any of the other apps.

Revit, Rhino, Grasshopper, sketchup are currently single direction only into Omniverse. this means from Revit you can push into OV but any changes made in Create or Max for instance would not come back to Revit.

so in your example you cannot create in sketchup and get that into revit, but you can create something in sketchup, open in create or max add, custom furniture, lighting, materials, all while maintaining a link to the original skethup file. so if you change something in sketchup all you edits in create or max maintain themselves.

adding bidirectionality to the some of the AEC apps like rhino is high on the to-do list. the apps that currently support bi-directionality have had a long history of supporting USD workflows so enabling that was more straight forward. for rhino, revit, sketchup a lot more has to be done but is actively being worked on.

you might want to check out this video for an example
Collaboration Matters: End-to-End Workflow for AEC Projects | NVIDIA On-Demand


Thanks you. This does clear up quite a bit.

In regards to blender…I know this was a recent change. Is the full bidirectional support only with the custom build of blender and the upcoming 3.0 version? Did I understand that correctly?

Correct, blender 3.0 alpha and the blender 3.0 alpha USD branch both support import/export of USD.