"uninstall_cuda_7.5.pl" doesn't exist in the directory, "/usr/local/cuda-7.5/bin&quot


I should have installed cuda-repo-ubuntu1404, but I installed cuda-repo-ubuntu1504 mistakenly. So, I have to uninstall the wrong version of CUDA. I found that I can uninstall by uninstall subscription,

$ sudo /usr/local/cuda-7.5/bin/uninstall_cuda_7.5.pl

but, I found that there is no “uninstall_cuda_7.5.pl” file in the “/usr/loca/cuda-7.5/bin/”. Could you send me the “uninstall_cuda_7.5.pl” to me? My email address is data.biotech25@gmail.com

By the way, some people say that I can remove CUDA by just typing

$ sudo rm -r /usr/loca/cuda-7.5

This is fine and safe? Wouldn’t I have conflict when I re-install cuda-repo-ubuntu1404?

One more; isn’t here a search function to find the topic that is similar to my problem? I didn’t want to post the same topic.

Thank you,