Uninteractable/unfocusable window on start

I’m probably doing something wrong…

Upon launching nv-nsight-gfx I get a window that looks like what I should have, but it cannot be brought into focus and doesn’t respond to clicks. All I can do is ^C it from the terminal. Maybe Gnome3 is hiding a popup or something? What should be happening on launch?

Hi Maladaptly,

Hmm, quite odd. I’ve never seen this before.

Which version of Nsight Graphics are you using? Which linux distro and version?


NSight Graphics 2019.3; Ubuntu 18.04.2.


We have tried reproing this case multiple times at this point and we can’t seem to recreate your exact issue.

We did fix a couple bugs related to startup on linux recently, so possibly that might help. We did release 2019.3.1 recently.

Are you getting the same issue with the new version?

Also can gnome be updated? drivers - 18.04 gnome desktop randomly freezes - Ask Ubuntu