Unit testing cuda code

Hey, I got an example code, something like this:

void addWithCuda(int* arr1, int *arr2, int size) {
	addKernal << <size, 1 >> > (arr1, arr2, size);

Now I want to build a unit test to my code. But the unit test project is not a cuda project so I get this error:

How can I configure the unit test project with cuda?
those are the properties of my project:

And those are the properties of my unit test:

As you can see, I don’t have the cuda properties in the unit test.
how can I fix it?

start with a CUDA project?

Well, I have a cuda project, now I want to add a unit test project to test it.
as you can see, in my solution I have a cuda project called GpuNeuralNetwork.
I want to add another project to this solution, a unit test project. But a Unit Test project is not under the NVIDIA tab.

Thank you for the fast response!

It may be that you would have to decide what characteristics you want from the unit test project and manually apply those to the cuda project.