UnitScale from different programs into Omniverse create

What is the Unit scale used in Omniverse create ? Do the unit scale automatically get converted to the unit scale used in omniverse create from using the connector to export to USD ?

For example in 3dsmax my file and system setup units is in mm, when exported as usd using the connector it seems that the model is alot bigger than it suppose to. What should I do to get the correct scale into Omniverse create ?

Similarly for Sketchup Pro and Unreal , what are the steps/workaround to get a correct scaling across all programs when importing into omniverse create as this is crucial for real life use case whereby multiple designers can design/build the world in a unified world like omniverse create using the correct scaling/units.

Hello @user121410! I am checking with the team on this. I thought the scaling between applications should be the same. I’ll post back when I get more information.

Hi @user121410! I did some digging and found a bug with unitScaling in this forum post: UnitScaleFactor is not referenced during fbx import

Does that post sound like what you experienced? We have a bug ticket (Internal reference OM-37034) that is under development at the moment.