Unity Connector Beta 202.0.0 Released

Omniverse Unity Connector v201.0 Beta
We are pleased to announce the release of v202.0, which includes numerous bug fixes and new features for Animation support.


  • Animation Import and Export Support. This includes both UsdSkel animation and animated Usd Xforms.
  • USD Import: Support for importing lights and cameras
  • USD Export: Support for DomeLight export
  • USD Export: New Prepass Check with popup warnings if you are overwriting the same usd file, have duplicate object names or are missing materials
  • Settings/UI: Added UI parameters for Start TimeCode and End TimeCode.
  • USD Import: Now converts color temperature to color when using Built-in Render Pipeline
  • Settings/UI: Added UI parameters for Start TimeCode and End TimeCode.

Improvents and Fixed Issues

  • USD Import: Fixed a problem that DisplayColor assignment fails in HDRP and material is lost.
  • USD Import: Physical Camera setting is now always On.
  • USD Export/Import: Corrected camera focal length and sensor size.
  • USD Export/Import: Adjust the influence of the scale of SphereLight and RectLight.
  • USD Export/Import: Adjusted the consistency of light calculations.
  • USD Export: Improved calculation of light intensity in HDRP.
  • USD Export: Fixed a bug where AreaLight was output as SphereLight in HDRP.
  • USD Export: Fixed a bug where light color temperatures were not exported.
  • USD Export: When exporting as SphereLight, “Treat As Point” is turned on.
  • USD Export: Fixed a bug that caused an error when exporting immediately after creating a new scene.
  • USD Export: Fixed a bug that could cause bones to be exported incorrectly.
  • USD Export: Fixed a bug in Physics that could cause incorrect scaling when meshes were nested.
  • USD Export: Fixed a bug where USD export would give different results if there was a camera scale value
  • USD Export: Fixed an issue where exporting could not be done correctly if the texture file name contained UTF-8.
  • USD Export: Fixed an issue where single sided materials would come into USD as double sided.
  • Avoided a problem where an error is displayed when viewing settings.
  • Fixed a crash when DisplayColor and DisplayOpacity indices are present during import.
  • Fixed a triangulation issue where very small faces caused missing triangles.

Check out the complete Release Notes , Documentation , and Quick start video .

We hope you enjoy this major update and improvements. If you have any questions or workflow issues, please post on the forums and let our team know!

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I’ve read this topic and now I have the same problem.

When I click Ominverse → Export, nothing happen like choosing location, but there
are multiple line in the console log as attached file. I also have tried to export a simple GameObject as Cube but the result still the same.

Thank you,

Configuration: Unity 2022.3.20, Connector 202.0.0( latest).

I also have tried this. And there is no log file as you said.
Thank you,

Hello both,

I wanted to check-- did you save your Scene file first? Unsaved Scenes have an early out.

If with saved scenes things do not work, would you be able to send me logs? You’ll want “Show Info Logs” checked under the Omnivores Settings → Logging section.

Your logs should be in C:\Users[your username].nvidia-omniverse\logs\connect-sdk.

Please update the latest version v202.0.1 which fixes this issue.

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