Unity Connector v200.0 Beta

Here is a video that gives a quick start of how it works:


Omniverse Unity Connector v200.0 Beta
We are pleased to announce the first Beta version of the Unity Connector. The motivation behind this release is to provide creators with a way to interactively use Unity’s advanced feature set and tools workflows with USD and MDL materials from Omniverse. The Unity Connector has a streamlined workflow with Omniverse Nucleus for smooth collaboration between Unity and USD Composer (formerly Create).


  • Live Sync, Uni-directional (Unity → Apps with Omniverse Connectors and USD Composer)
  • Omniverse Nucleus file browser
  • Export Geometry and Skinned Meshes to USD
  • Export Omniverse MDL materials and USD Preview Surface materials
  • Export Unity Lights and Cameras to USD
  • Export Unity Physics rigid bodies, Physics material properties, and Colliders to USD Physics and run simulations in Omniverse
  • Export USDZ support
  • Import USD (experimental), MDL materials, and USD Preview Surface materials into Unity

Check out the complete Release Notes

Unity Connector Documentation

Thank you for checking out the Omniverse Unity Connector and we cannot wait to see what you Create!



Heyo, thank you for the introduction into the connector!
I’m having issues with importing USDs from the localhost Nuceleus Server, it says “The system cannot find the file specified”

I have Omniverse Drive installed and am using the File Explorer, like in the tutorial video.

What could be causing this issue?

Edit: Nevermind, it turned out I had the older version of Google Drive.

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