Unity Connector v201.0 Beta Released

Omniverse Unity Connector v201.0 Beta
We are pleased to announce the release of v201.0, which includes numerous bug fixes and new features for Physics Export to USD support.


  • Export Unity Prefabs as USD Payloads.
  • Rigidbody Kinematics will Export to USD.
  • Unity [Physics Articulation body] (Articulation Body β€” Omniverse Connect latest documentation) components will export and maintain joint connections and attributes for Simulation in USD.
  • Unity Physics Joints Export to USD Physics Joints and Simulate in Omniverse apps.
    • Fixed Joint β†’ USD Fixed Joint
    • Hinge Joint β†’ USD Revolute Joint
    • Spring Joint β†’ USD Distance Joint
    • Configurable Joint β†’ USD D6 Joint
    • Character Joint β†’ USD D6 Joint
  • USDZ file Import support
  • OmniGlass shader USD Import is supported for URP and HDRP render pipelines.
  • Emissive textures and materials for USD Preview Surface and MDL Import and Export support.
  • Clearcoat textures and materials for USD Preview Surface Import and Export support.
  • Importing USD support referenced USD files and textures.
  • Unity Mesh Render component that is disabled will export to USD with the Purpose set to β€œguide”.
    • This enables use cases for hidden colliders and other cases where you want the mesh to be interactive but not rendered.

Check out the complete Release Notes, Documentation, and Quick start video.

We hope you enjoy this major update and improvements. If you have any questions or workflow issues, please post on the forums and let our team know!


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