Unity Flex Particles Position

Hi, I have download Flex plugin for unity, someone know how to access and save positions of all particles of a object?

Do you mean the single positions of every particle, or the overall position of particle mesh?

I’am also pretty new to it and try to figure out how all works, but if you just want to have the position of all particles together you can use “actorreference.bounds.center”.

That will give you the center of the generated bounds.

Thanks for reply.
I need the position of every particle.
If a object have 50 particles I need to know position of every particle.

I need to know in precision how the particles are move when they collide with another object.

The Debug mode shows the Particlecount and their numbers, also the local position in the generated mesh, i think they are all stored in a array in the main flex class.


With debug mode i can see the position of singles particles but this information doesen’t update in real time ,it stay fix.

hi enrico, did you find a solution in meanwhile?

I dont have find a solution yet

Well i managed to read them and manipulate them now, but only tested it with the cloth simulation.

Ich you add a “Flex Cloth Deformation” and watch its component in Debug Mode you can see all Particles getting updated in Realtime, with their actual positions, also including the vertices(their Int values must be set to public ;-) ) .

From that point you can simply send the whole array to another script.

I use it to add Unity Colliders on top of the cloth simulation to make it work with normal Unity-Rigidbodies, and it works fine.

I have try your method for a soft body but I can’t see particles position :(

Anyone have some new update for my problem?

I would also like to access the positions of generated particles.
How is that possible?

I am simulating about 100k Particles and I want to check if a certain height has been reached by some particles (they are piling up under the source actor) and then delete those who are above this certain height.

Please help me.