Unity3D + Manipulation + Isaac

Hello fellow dudes and dudettes :)
I’m trying to do some 6-axis-industrial-robotics stuff. Since I also want to do realtime Computer Vision the scene must be photo-realistic. The videos of Isaac seemed pretty promising in that sense. Since Omniverse 2020.1 is not released yet I would like to do it in Unity. Unfortunately I can’t find any resources on how to achieve that with Isaac. Is it not supported? Can I use the Manipulation GEMs of Isaac for controlling robots in Unity? If yes, how?


Hello, did you manage to find an answer to your question?

No, unfortunately not. We ended up using Unity with other ROS-bridges. You can also use the pre-release version of Omniverse, be aware that you need a machine with an RTX to run it. (Correct me if I’m wrong, but that was the reason why we didn’t use it.)
You have to apply for a pre-release of Omniverse. Ours got granted in one day or so…