unknown error after the "run"

I’m attempting to debug the large multi-directory structured code (WRF model) using PGDBG. The GUI pgdbg started fine. For debudding purposes, I’ve compiled the code with no optimization, no multi-processor (no mpich) version, and options “-g -Mprof=func,lines,time”.

Loading the exe file and running it produced an error:

ERROR: Malformed .debug_pubnames section: DWARFv2: [name-of-exe-file]

(I’ve got some other issues, too, regarding the attempts to load/run a link to the *.exe file. It needs to be run as a link from a directory containing the other input data files.
The *.exe program does not run in ether case, when I provide the link, or when I copy the executable into the directory containing the input files and run from that directory…)

Any input will be greatly appreciated!..

Hi Natalie,
Sorry you are running into problems.

One thing I can suggest right away is that you should only use one of the -Mprof options that you have selected. Each of these is intended to be used alone, and it is possible that they are interfering with each other. This may even be causing the “.debug_pubnames” error that you are seeing (I’m actually surprised you were able to link). I will file a bug report noting that the compiler should emit an error when they are used together.

For profiling you may want to use the tool “pgcollect” instead of compiling with -Mprof, Pgcollect does not require any compile-time options.

We will look into the issue of running using a link to the executable.

Please let us know if removing all but one, or all, of the -Mprof options from your build improves the situation. We have definitely used the debugger on WRF, so we should be able to get you up and running.