Unknown profile parameter with ID=0x2082C57D

Hello everyone!

I have Nvidia Quadro P620 card and when I set global profile to “3D App - Modeling AFR”, NVAPI lists a profile parameter with ID=0x2082C57D that has no name and no information about it can be found.

Does anyone know what is this parameter, what’s its purpose and the purpose of its possible values?


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We have sent your query to the respective team for details and we will get back to you on same.

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Dear @sergey.zerchaninov

Our development team has analyzed your case. Here’s the update from them.
The setting Id 0x2082C57D which is reported through the API may be removed in future releases. Only those settings with Ids in the enum named ESetting from the file NvApiDriverSettings.h should be used.

NVAPI Forum Moderator