Unleash the power of GPU. (Call for effort) A proposal for boosting GPU applications by a cocurrent

Software development community has recoginezed that cocurrency is a key problem to be addressed in tomorrow’s programming, generally because of the rule of Moor’s law, as what is happening to GPU, i.e, more and more independent cores are packed together, instead of increasing clock rate.

To let programmer tackle more than one thread( operating system), not mention many threads, demands great skill and careful design. And physical threads may pose extra challenge.

So, if you are inereted, let’s talk about making a tool which can automatically address the problem of concurrency. By doing so, many applications written in c/c++ can be ported to run on GPU, and it just takes the programmer one click and sitting back on his chair. By doing so, we can boost the GPU applications and make people more comfortable with their computers.

Send me email at guojianwei at 139 dot com