Unmapping buffer surface in Python bindings of DS6.0.1

I am developing a computer vision gstreamer pipeline on Jetson Nano using DeepStream 6.0.1 plugins and the pyds Python bindings. Since I need to periodically store frames from the video feed, I use pyds.get_nvds_buf_surface to retrieve the image data. As shown in this forum post, it should be followed (on Jetson platforms) by a call to pyds.unmap_nvds_buf_surface to release the mapped buffer. However, this function is not available in DeepStream 6.0.1 (the last release for Jetson Nano). How can I release the mapped buffer in DeepStream 6.0.1?

You can migrate the python bindings of unmap_nvds_buf_surface from master to v1.1.1, and then recompile and install pyds for DS-6.0.1.

Thanks, I will try this. Is there a particular reason this function is not included in DS 6.0.1, considering it is needed to avoid memory issues?

Seems like following code has been added after v1.1.6 with some comments


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