UNOFFICIAL RELEASE: Dockerized build environment for NVIDIA's edk2 impl

I found it to be a pain to build NVIDIA’s edk2 impl without substantial adaptations on systems not running Ubuntu 20.04, so I set up a Docker image to make this easier, hosted here: makinbacon/nvidia-edk2-docker - Docker Image | Docker Hub. There are currently three tags:

  • main (amd64, arm64): nightly-updated repos from latest main branch changes
  • rel-34 (amd64): static rel34 branch release for Jetson Linux r34.1
  • jetson-r35.1 (amd64): static jetson-r35.1 branch release for Jetson Linux r35.1

To build, pull the container and open a shell like so:

docker run -v "<local image dir>:/edkrepo/nvidia-uefi/images/" -it makinbacon/nvidia-edk2-docker:<branch> /bin/bash

Note that <local image dir> should be the path to a local directory you’d like to mount as the image output directory, and <branch> specifies the branch you’d like to build. Note that, at this time, only main supports building on arm64.

Then, run the following script inside the container after making any desired changes to build:

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It’s nice! Thanks for your sharing to the community!

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