Unreal Engine 4.15 Release: Nvidia Supporting Alternate Frame Rendering (how do I activate this feature?)

I am a game developer using Unreal Engine focused on VR games. Seeking to find out more information in regards to the latest Unreal Engine Release 4.15 which states they have added support from Nvidia for alternate frame rendering use for multiple GPU’s. I have updated to this new build and have had no luck activating this feature, and hope to find out more information on how to do so.

This link is shows more specifics on the Unreal Engine 4.15 release notes and information on this specific feature being released.

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Hey Brad, we are also seeking some information on AFR and VRworks in UE4, but it seems that there is no dedicated section to exchange on the forums about VRworks yet ?

Documentation is also nonexistant and there’s nothing on the NvPhysX/UnrealEngine git repo ?

Is there also a way to contact directly the VRworks team ?


Antoine aka LegendreVR

Hey LegendreVR, thanks for the response.

Yeah it is unfortunate it is so difficult to find any information or response on more information about this feature at this time. That is a good idea to see if there is a way to contact VRworks team more directly some how. I will have to look into that.

I have been keeping tabs on them if they have released any new information, this is the latest email I received from them on new features and updates. http://info.nvidia.com/index.php/email/emailWebview?mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiTm1WbVlUTTJNVFl5WldWaCIsInQiOiJDaDVwc3ZVMVFSRWYwbE5jWEV2MS9veFJteUx1cFNicG5Bem1adk5QemhJd0pFZE5hTWVWTndRdFJWZVA1TXBKM1RiZkN6bjavascript:void();m8rNkRuTXVBVWNHQW95eU11UWdieTFWNmpidlA0Szh6RnJORTlpZTd3L0w4V3U4S0hsSW5pS0pJRyJ9

have not had a chance to look it over to see if any new info was released on AFR. Yeah if you find out any more info on this feel free to post your findings.


I’m in a similar situation, but my project isn’t for VR, either way; this may help you.

I still don’t know how to go about getting an official Nvidia Profile, but I did find out that end users can do this themselves thanks to the help of this (dated) article:

While the Screen shots are out of date, the process is essentially the same.

  1. Add Game Binary to the "Programs List" under 3D management
  2. With the game selected, scroll through the options to "SLI Rendering Mode" (this will only appear on systems that have SLI enabled)
  3. Change the setting from the default "Use Global Setting" to your desired SLI mode. For my UE project, this was "Alternative Frame Rate 2"

I tested this on a project in 4.15.1 and by using the SLI overlay display (enabled via the Nvidia Control Panel, by selecting “Manage 3D Settings”, then clicking on the “3D Settings” menu at the top. You must do this BEFORE launching your game).
The SLI Overlay showed the SLI usage, and I got ~20-25 FPS boost vs when SLI is disabled.