Unreal Engine Connector: Imported USD Workflows Demo

There’s a new Unreal Engine Connector educational video that highlights using the Import USD functionality added to 105.1. It goes through different workflows including importing, re-importing, live editing with Maya/Create and using the Pose Tracker in Machinima. Hope you find it helpful!

Unreal Engine Connector - Imported USD Workflows | NVIDIA On-Demand

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Excuse me, would you please tell me where I can find the first scene.
the tutorial said that the scene created by Andrew African(maybe?), but I don’t know where to find.
thank you!

Hello @CowolSu! Thank you for your interest in the scene. This was created by Andrew Averkin, an artist working at Nvidia. You can try looking in your nucleus local host /Nvidia/Demos/Cloud_Maker folder.


If you’re not seeing it there, then I don’t think it’s currently available, but we are hoping to include it as part of the showroom application (which can be found on the Omniverse Launcher).

Thank you for your help.
I found it.