[UnrealEngine4][Help] Graphics and functionality issues on android tablet, was fine on PC

Greetings All,
I have jsut finished my mobile game using unreal engine, and I’m at the final stage where I test out my app on my tablet, Cube U27GT-s, android 4.4.2, using Unreal Engine 4.12.5.
I installed the android code works that came with it.
While I can package my project, I experience severe graphics issues. The game on the tablet is of very low quality, way lower res than it should be, and the screen scale is not matching. I can set the resolution via command line, but not the scale.
I do have an open discussion about it on the UE answer hub, with no solution just yet.
I would like to ask for help here as well as this might be related not to UE, but android code works.
I’m sending 4 screenshot, two on PC, all fine, and 2 on my tablet, all messed up.
I also have the screen res printed as well as the screen scale.
On the tablet I did set the res to the native using command line, but the scale just did not match up, which is strange, as it usually does on the PC.