unresolved external symbol acc_init_ referenced

I build the code:

program main
use accel_lib
integer :: n ! size of the vector
real,dimension(:),allocatable :: a ! the vector
real,dimension(:),allocatable :: r ! the results
real,dimension(:),allocatable :: e ! expected results
integer :: i
integer :: c0, c1, c2, c3, cgpu, chost
character(10) :: arg1
if( iargc() .gt. 0 )then
call getarg( 1, arg1 )
read(arg1,’(i10)’) n
n = 100000
if( n .le. 0 ) n = 100000
do i = 1,n
a(i) = i*2.0
call acc_init( acc_device_nvidia )
call system_clock( count=c1 )
!$acc region
do i = 1,n
r(i) = sin(a(i)) ** 2 + cos(a(i)) ** 2
!$acc end region
call system_clock( count=c2 )
cgpu = c2 - c1
do i = 1,n
e(i) = sin(a(i)) ** 2 + cos(a(i)) ** 2
call system_clock( count=c3 )
chost = c3 - c2
! check the results
do i = 1,n
if( abs(r(i) - e(i)) .gt. 0.000001 )then
print *, i, r(i), e(i)
print *, n, ’ iterations completed’
print *, cgpu, ’ microseconds on GPU’
print *, chost, ’ microseconds on host’
end program

ConsoleApp.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol acc_init_ referenced in function MAIN_

Why? I need your help Mat,thank you!

I’m not Mat, but I’m one ‘t’ away. From the look of the error I’m guessing a couple of things. First, you haven’t enabled the “-ta” option to actually target an accelerator. This means it doesn’t know what accel_lib is so it doesn’t know about acc_init. The error you’re seeing looks close to what you see on Linux if you forget that.

I’m also guessing you’re on PVF. I don’t use this myself, but looking at the User’s Guide and working off of a response Mat gave a few threads ago, try:

Right-mouse click on your project (under the ‘Solution Explorer’ window) and select ‘Properties’. This opens the properties window. Next select the ‘Fortran->Target Accelerators’ tab, find the line for ‘Target NVIDIA Accelerator’ and select ‘yes’ in the drop-down box.

This should be equivalent to include -ta=nvidia on the command line. With that, the program should work.

Yes, this is the problem. To use the accelerator features, you need have the compile flag “-ta” enabled.

  • Mat