unresolved external symbol _RUNRCGN@120 referenced in func..

I have a huge code written in Fortran 77. I am trying to build it by PVF (either 77 or 95). However, It complains that:
Error 1 unresolved external symbol _RUNRCGN@120 referenced in function _CALMATSCAT@68 ctscan.obj
I have already had same problems with this code, but whenever I was adding the unresolved subroutines to the source files, it would be resolved. However,this time it does not work either when I am leaving the subroutine “RUNRCGN” and its associated subroutines in the main program or separate files among source files. The RUNRCGN and all its associated subroutines and functions are available. I am wondering if there is someone with any idea to know how to deal with it. Thanks so much.


Check that your arguments match. The number after the “@” is the length in bytes of the arguments. If there is a mismatch, then the “@” values will be different.

Note that this issue only occurs with 32-bit Windows. Also, you can try adding the flag “-Munix”. This tells the compiler to use UNIX style calling convensions which doesn’t use the “@”.

Hope this helps,

Thanks Mat, It was awesome.