unresolved external symbol _winmain

I have PGI Visual Fortran version 9.0 and getting the following error for the first time:

I was using a Fortran program almost 2 years from now using PVF compiler but only from yesterday it started giving two errors “_unresolved external symbol _winmain referenced in function winMain@16” and “1 unresolved external.”

Could it be some problem with some options that I turned on/off in the Visual Studio window OR is there any other problem? I will appreciate if any one can help me with it. Thanks.

Hi Anil,

My best guess is that you changed your project’s Configuration Type from Console Application to Windows Application. The Configuration Type property is on the General property page. Please check what that property is set to, and if it is Windows Application then please change it to Console Application.


Hi Mat,

Thanks a lot for correcting me. Just by moving to console application, everything works just fine. Have a great evening.